Water Gem Necklace


Water Gem Necklace
Water Gem Necklace Water Gem Necklace

"Imagine getting on your first cruise. The first day, you get some smacking food and settle in. Before the night ends you meet a handful of cool people to hangout with on the island tomorrow. 

You wake up the next morning, eat breakfast with your friends, and then everyone heads to the island. The Grand Caymans. You port near North Side and mutually decide to snorkel first. Starfish point and Stingray city here we come!  

The first thing you notice is the white sand and clear water. Beautiful turquoise water. You board the white boat eager for what lies ahead. Everyone's excited, smiling, laughing, having a good time. 

When you finally get to your destination...in the middle of nowhere it seems like, you gear up and jump into the water. There's fish everywhere! Red ones, blue ones. They are all so fast it's hard to keep up with them haha! 

Life is good, your problems are forgotten, and today is only day one. You have the best time ever that week. And the one thing you'll never forget is the beautiful sunlight scattering over the clear, turquoise water." 


Annalise tells her first trip to the Cayman Islands with her Water Gem Necklace.


What will you tell with yours? 



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