Ultimate Boho Beach Rings


Ultimate Boho Beach Rings

"I saw an interview of this famous instagram model who was asked "what is your all time favorite vacation?" I think the interviewer was expecting her to say some sort of trip where a company flew her out to a fancy resort where she got to hang out with her model friends. 

Instead though, she said her favorite vacation was the one she took with her friends from high school after she graduated. "We all new the vibe" she said. I really felt that. It seems like everyone now is so focused on doing the biggest, best things to get attention. 

Yet they don't have fun. The real fun is when you feel the happiness, when you feel the magic in the air. You can't take a picture of it, cause you can barely even describe it.

It's just that feeling when you look up into the sky and see a golden sun with clear blue skies and then you look down and see everyone around you laughing and playing around...being people. Not a phone in sight. 

That's the vibe I carry on vacation. And you should too!" 


Chontel tells what a real vacation with the good vibes feels like with her Ultimate Boho Beach Rings


What will you tell with yours? 



- Gold & Silver
- All rings included



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