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Summer Star Earrings
Summer Star Earrings Summer Star Earrings

"Ansley is the freaking most popular person I know. When we go out she's always talking to someone who she knows. Every 10 minutes getting stopped by someone new. It's kinda annoying haha but one time we were in Maldives and she just runs up to this big group of girls.

In my head I'm like oh geez here we go again. But then she calls me over to meet everyone.

"Hey these girls live in LA and they're Summer Queens too!"

At first I was like uhh what. Then I saw their jewelry. They were LAYERED UP. They all had four or 5 necklaces, rings on most fingers. I saw the Rose Ring and the Passion Necklace and it clicked immediately. 

The only jewelry I owned from E&N was the Summer Star Earrings and I kinda felt left out to be honest. They were collecting jewelry and had all these stories to share, it was actually inspiring. 

It was cool to meet some others in the community on summer vacation. They had some wild stories that I think are too much for everyone to hear haha! We even ended up hanging out for the rest of the trip!! 

We made some awesome new friends that we would have missed out on if it wasn't for the E&N community. Ansley and I actually have a trip to LA to go see them again. I'm sure we will make some good stories to share about! 😉 

- Jessica 

Jessica wears new summer friendships with her Summer Star Earrings

What will you wear with yours?


- 18k Gold Vermeil 
- Cubic Zirconia 



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