Sea Wave Necklace


Sea Wave Necklace
Sea Wave Necklace Sea Wave Necklace

"I've always wondered why I love the beach so much. Why it's so peaceful. So one day I decided to sit on the shore and peer into the horizon. I sat there for hours contemplating. 

I realized that I was making my problems worse. My stressing over one thing, lead to more stress and problems in other things. A flaw in one part of life was affecting completely unrelated areas, spreading like a sickness.

My Wave Necklace has helped me more than one can imagine. Most people realize that you can't control certain things in life. BUT. Most don't remember it when they truly need to. They don't have a daily reminder of: "We can't control the waves, but we can ride them." 

I have my daily reminder. Which keeps me focused and grounded when I need it most. And for that, I'm forever grateful." 


Anneka tells the story of how she faces her trials with her Wave Necklace


What will you tell with yours? 



- Silver
- 18in pendant



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