Mermaids Ring


Mermaids Ring
Mermaids Ring Mermaids Ring Mermaids Ring Mermaids Ring

"When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a mermaid. Just like every girl that's ever existed...I think. Of course the literal desire to be a mermaid eventually fades. But the desire to be something or be apart of something magical should never die. 

Even if they last for just a split second, the magical moments in life are never forgotten. And the more the better. So I always look for my next magical moment. Whether it's scuba diving in the Maldives with my closest friends or jumping off cliffs into the ocean in Hawaii, I'll always be ready for it." 


Gina tells her specials moments in life with her Mermaids Ring. 


What will you tell with yours? 



- Silver



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