Love Travel Bracelet


Love Travel Bracelet

"I've always hated going through the airport. My airport is one of the busiest in the world and all the people and confusing directions gives me anxiety, bad. It's the worst part of traveling for me...well except packing. 😂

But the moment the plane takes off to my destination, I'm overtaken by a sense of peace. I always take the window seat so I'm able to see pink cotton candy-like clouds. Majestically moving through the air headed to a tropical vacation is top 5 in my book. 

It's the chase that's fun. Conquering something new. My love to travel will never die. I'm just glad I can wear it everyday."


- Hannah tells the beginning of every tropical trip with her Love Travel Bracelet. 


What will you tell with yours? 



- Multi-layer bracelet 
- Lobster Clasp



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