Little Turtle Bracelet


Little Turtle Bracelet

"First of all, I'm literally obsessed with baby sea turtles. They are the most adorable things on the planet. So with that knowledge, my parents flew me and my friends out to the Galapagos Islands for my graduation. And if you didn't know... it's literally the best place in the world to see sea turtles.

The first day we go snorkeling we saw a few turtles. But on the second day... On the second day we saw almost 10 turtles! It was amazing!! We swam with them for hours. I made me want to cry haha! 

Now one of my favorite bracelets to wear is my Little Turtle Bracelet! Everyone loves it and asks me about it, so then I get to tell my special story!" 💛


Jen tells her swimming with sea turtles story with her Little Turtle Bracelet. 


What will you tell with yours? 



- Multi-layer Bracelet
- Lobster Clasp 



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