Golden Sun Necklace

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Golden Sun Necklace
Golden Sun Necklace Golden Sun Necklace Golden Sun Necklace


"Greece was everything we expected and more. The food was amazing, the weather was perfect, the people were nice. I saw famous people go to Greece all the time, but I never knew I would make it. 

I went with my family and we did everything possible...all the beaches, the Fira to Oia Hike, museums, wineries, you name it. In fact, we did so much that it's all become a big blur. 

"What was your favorite part?" That's the number one question everyone asks and to be honest, it was none of the things listed above. 

It was by far the sunshine. My family and I are from Seattle and it's always cloudy. We rarely get a full day's worth of sunshine, so I made sure I got it as much as possible on vacation. 

I didn't have to get a spray tan for a while (thank jesus)! So, believe it or not that was my favorite part, the golden sun of Greece! Now when I'm in Seattle I'll feel some Greek Sun from my necklace, no matter what the sky looks like" ☀️

- Alex 

Alex wears her sunny Greece vacation with her Golden Sun necklace. 

What will you wear with it? 


-18k White Gold Vermeil 
- Adjustable Chain 


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