Golden Shell Necklace


Golden Shell Necklace

"My friends and I recently took a beach trip. It was full of laughs and adventures, but one story stands out a little more than the others.

The 3 of us we walking, chatting about the party we just left. Then Chelsea randomly screamed. That ear piercing, "I'm gonna die" scream. We turn on our flashlights and spot a HUGE crab. 

One of us dared her to catch it. "No way, you do it!" she said. None of us were going to do it without an incentive, so we made it a little interesting... We all drunkenly agreed that the last one to pick it up had to walk home naked. I was cold with my clothes on, so there was no way I was walking back with them off!

Maggie decided to go first. We stood between the big, dinosaur crab and the ocean so he couldn't get away. At first we just chased it because Maggie was scared and slow. But for some reason she lost all her fear at once...thank god for vodka right? 

So she quickly reached down and GRABBED IT! IT WAS IN BETWEEN HER FINGERS!! The two of us looked at her dumbfounded. In my head I was like "there is no way I'm doing that." 

Then we see terror on Maggie's face followed by a cry for help. She wasn’t holding the crab by its back so it pinched her! And it didn't let go. It was hanging from her pinky HAHA! She was frantically shaking and panicking, meanwhile we were too drunk to figure out what to do. 

What seemed like 10 minutes was only 15 seconds, but the crab ended up letting go, falling to the ground, and running..."scurrying?" away. We felt bad so we gave her the giant seashell we found a few days back. 

We didn't try to catch crabs anymore." 


- Annaliese 


Annaliese tells how her friend got a giant seashell for her heroic efforts with her Golden Shell Necklace. 

What will you tell with yours? 



- Gold



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