Golden Shell Necklace

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Golden Shell Necklace
Golden Shell Necklace Golden Shell Necklace

"I used to walk the beach every night with my friends. We would uhh "catch" crabs. They were super fast and we were scared of them, so we never really caught anything. But one night, we were walking and saw a HUGE crab.

Mind you, the 3 of us had been drinking all night so we were a little lit. Chelsea, the bravest among us, practically jumped on it! Next thing we heard was a loud, ear piercing scream and then we saw the crab clinging to her pinky HAHA. 

We had to pry the thing off because it wouldn't let go! We all ended up dying laughing in the end, but Chelsea was a still a little traumatized. 

I found a cute little seashell and dedicated it to her bravery. Then a few days later, I saw E&N's Golden Shell Necklace. I'm soo glad we all got it. 

Now we can all keep this Summer Story forever." 😄

- Annaliese 

Annaliese and her friends wear a funny story they will never forget with their Golden Shell Necklaces 

What will you wear with yours? 



- 18k Gold Vermeil 
- 18in chain 



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