Face Necklace

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Face Necklace
Face Necklace Face Necklace Face Necklace


"I used to live in San Diego, right by the beach. Perfect sunshine all year long. It rarely rained, the people were laid back...live was just good. Now I live in freaking Georgia. G-E-O-R-G-I-A.

I don't think you get it. I literally miss home EVERY day. You think the ending of a summer vacation is bad, well lemme tell you something, it's nothing compared to the ending of a summer lifestyle.

And believe me I try all I can to relive the Cali moments. I listen to summer music all the time, I set my room up the same, I even have a air freshner that's suppose to smell like palm trees...it doesn't work :(  But honestly, nothing brings me back home like my necklace. 

I see pictures of myself surfing, doing yoga, partying...just me living my best life and I have my E&N Jewelry in every pic. It's not even jewelry, it's a lifestyle. It's a special feeling. And it's a feeling I'll treasure for the rest of my life...no matter where I go.

My face necklace represents my home, my friends, my old life. I wear it everyday to keep me there." 

- Jenna 

Jenna wears her former Cali lifestyle in GEORGIA with her Face Necklace. 

What will you wear with yours? 


- 18k White Gold
- 18in Chain




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