Elizabeth's Rose Necklace
Elizabeth's Rose Necklace
Elizabeth's Rose Necklace
Elizabeth's Rose Necklace

Elizabeth's Rose Necklace

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"I'm a weirdo I know, but I do handstands at the beach ALL THE TIME. Seeing the ocean and the sky upside is surreal (you gotta try it!)

But anyways, I was holding a handstand for like 30 seconds and this little girl came up behind me, I didn't hear hear because a wave had just crashed. She whispered in my ear "you're gonna fall" and I FREAKED OUT. I literally fell over into the water scared for my life, while the girl is dying laughing. 

Her laugh was so innocent and sweet, I couldn't help but giggle myself! I'll never forget that moment haha. Sometimes I'll look down at my necklace and start laughing and everyone's like..."uhh are you ok?" I don't care though, it makes me so happy."

- Hannah 

Hannah wears pure innocence and happiness with her Elizabeth's Rose Necklace. 


    - 18k White Gold Vermeil
    - Adjustable Chain



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