Dream Catcher Bracelet


Dream Catcher Bracelet

"Have you ever chased something that never stops? Something that you can never fully catch? Not the wind. It's something you can see. Something you can grab. In fact, you seem to catch it. It's in your hands. It's yours, finally. But then, you look up...and it's in front of you again. 

But...it's different this time, and only by a little. It's a dream. I chase my dream. The dream of peace and happiness in paradise. I thought I caught it in Cape Town, South Africa. But then I caught it again in Bali. and again in Phuket. 

I keep catching it, I'll keep catching it. Until it's finally mine. And until I do, I'll be a Dream Catcher." 


Delilah tells her evergoing chase of Peace and Happiness with her Dream Catcher Bracelet. 


What will you tell with yours? 



- Multi-layer bracelet 
- Lobster Clasp



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