Queen's Necklace

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Queen's Necklace
Queen's Necklace Queen's Necklace Queen's Necklace Queen's Necklace Queen's Necklace

"The ride to the beach is always exciting, but this one was special. We had just finished finals and we were celebrating in a white, lifted jeep, with the top down blasting Calvin Harris. The 4 of us were headed to Key West for a week on the beach. 

I just remember singing, laughing and feeling the sun on my skin. Our hair was all wild from the wind but we didn't care. We were free. 

We ended up doing it every year! It became a tradition. Everyone knew us, we'd even get free drinks! We were Summer Queens!

My necklaces bring me back to that amazing week. There's nothing like being able to relive the happiest moments of your life." 

- Emma

Emma wears her Summer Beach Trips with her Queen's Necklace

What will you wear with yours? 



- 18k Gold Vermeil 
- 18in chain 



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