Majesty Necklace

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Majesty Necklace
Majesty Necklace Majesty Necklace Majesty Necklace

"Five of my best friends and I took a trip to Phuket. We stayed at the Iniala Beach House by Natai Beach. Look it up, it's worth it trust me...

So 5 of us are partying it up in this house. We had a private pool, a hot tub, a personal chef, EVERYTHING you could ask for. Thailand is hot, really hot, at all times of the day, so it would be around 12am and we’d still be outside blasting Snakehips and Drake haha.

Throughout the week we rented 4-wheelers, paddle boards, canoes. We explored beaches, islands...really everything we could. And everywhere we went, all eyes were on us. As you know 5 hot, single girls can really get some attention haha!

Everyone treated us like royalty. We still don't know if it was the blonde hair or all the E&N jewelry! But either way we felt special. And even though we won't be back anytime soon, we still have our jewelry from the trip.

So we remember it, keep it close, and relive it as best we can, until we're back in Thailand.” 

- Sharon 

Sharon wears her Majestic trip to Phuket with her Majesty Necklace. 

What will you wear with yours?



- 18k White Gold Vermeil 
- 18in chain 



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