Diamond Star Ring

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Diamond Star Ring
Diamond Star Ring Diamond Star Ring

"The sun was slowly going down, we could look out and see the Sun barely hovering over the water. It was about 85˚ outside and we were eating tacos on a patio right by the beach. Our waitress, Jennifer, kept bringing margarita after margarita. We all were feeling really good. Super good...

I remember feeling warm and happy. The sky was pink, orange, yellow, it was truly amazing. When I pointed to show everyone the beautiful sight, I saw my ring glisten in the little sunlight that was left.

A flood of happiness rushed through my fingertips, the energy was majestic...I will never forget that moment. It was pure ecstasy. The combination of perfect weather, the beach, friends, and the sunset cannot be matched. I'd do anything to see it again" 

- Alanna

Alanna wears a  Majestic Summer Sunset with her Diamond Star Ring 



-18k Gold Vermeil 
- Adjustable



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